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A few words about Pattaya City ...
Visa Card is accepted for Online Reservations and Deposits ... You can book your favourite Rooms / Suites Accommodation online!   Master Card is accepted for Online Reservations and Deposits ... You can book your favourite Rooms / Suites Accommodation online!   JCB Card is accepted for Online Reservations and Deposits ... You can book your favourite Rooms / Suites Accommodation online!    
We accept Visa, Master and JCB Cards for Online Reservations and Deposits. Please fill in the form below and complete your Reservation / Payment.
American Express Credit Card is accepted by telephone, followed by confirmation of Booking Requirements and authority to debit   For AMERICAN EXPRESS payments, ... we would need the following information:
Card Number, Including the Security Code on the rear, Expiry Date and Name as per the card.
This information should be telephoned, for security reasons, to our Reception Desk (24 Hours) along with e-mail confirmation of Booking Requirements and authority to debit at reservations@pattayafunland.com.
Barter Card is accepted by e-mail, followed by confirmation of Booking Requirements and authority to debit.   We also accept Barter Card.
Please e-mail us at reservations@pattayafunland.com for Reservations through BarterCard.
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Amount (Thai Bahts/THB)   (without commas and decimals, only digits, no alphabets please)
Any such deposit/payment to be posted to the guest's Room/Suite/Transport Account to be finalised on arrival at the Pent Hotel.
The Pent Hotel is a Non-Smoking Entity, balconies and outside zones excepted.
Terms & Conditions - applicable to this Internet Reservation: (Specifications subject to change without prior notice, and subject to Management's Discretion)
1) Bookings are subject to availability, acceptance and our Terms and Conditions.
2) Bookings over the Christmas or New Year period, must generally be of not less than 4 nights, ... over BOTH, Christmas AND New Year combined, the minimum stay is generally 8 Nights and as such are given booking priority.
3) Christmas Eve / Night, 24th and 25th December and New Year's Eve, 31st December, attract a Supplement of THB 1,150++ on all Rooms/Suites.
4) For stays of upto 8 Nights, full payment required, for 9 or more Nights, a 50% only deposit is charged, the balance payable "on", or "before", arrival, for the reserved period.
5) All Transportation Services, are INCLUSIVE of Road Tolls & Parking Fees.
6) Transportation Services, Waiting Time, in excess of 90 minutes over E.T.A is subject to waiting charges as applicable. Rescheduling will be allowed if possible. It is the client's responsibility to proceed to the meeting point as directed, and ring the Emergency Numbers proffered, if necessary.
7) Transportation Services are invoiced in full (less any Road Tolls and Parking Fees, as applicable) and are Non-Refundable, and, one 100% may be carried forward to a fresh booking date given 72 hours prior notice before the initial due Arrival Date.
8) Transportation Services - An Additional Fuel Surcharge for pick-ups from any Bangkok City / Hotel / Don Muang Secondary Airport (Private Car and Private Car Sedan and Mini-bus only), may apply.
9) Room / Suite - A Cancellation charge of 65%, on the full booked period (plus Transaction Fee, and any relevant Bank/Currency Charges) will apply on all Reservations of 2 or more nights only, 1 Night non-refundable but may be carried forward, given a minimum of, 7 days notice prior to booked arrival date OR an 85% Credit, carried forward to a fresh booking/reservation (subject to clauses 11 & 12). Less than 7 days (subject to Clause 10) a 85% cancellation fee on the full booked period OR a 85% Credit, carried forward to a fresh booking/reservation.
10) Room / Suite - Cancellation within 72 Hours (but not less than 24 Hours) of due arrival OR Christmas & New Year Reservations or part thereof, (20th Dec until the 10th Jan), paid deposits are non-refundable, but 60%, less Transaction Fee, on Room Deposit Only may be carried forward against future Reservations, at the sole discretion of The Hotel Management, if it is felt that there are extenuating circumstances, to warrant.
11) "No-Show" OR Cancellation on Arrival Day - No Refund, Account charged in full (exceptional circumstances may be reviewed).
12) "Early Check-Out" - 25% refund, less Bank/Booking Charges, (at least 72 Hours prior notice required)  OR  an 85% Credit, carried forward to a fresh booking/reservation, within 12 months of activation (and subject to the sole discretion of The Hotel Management).
13) Changes of dates, or duration, (where available / allowable, only) a re-booking fee of THB 1,000 will apply for notification within 7 days before the booked arrival date. 8 or more days prior notice of arrival, No Charge, 100% carried forward, less re-booking fee, only (one time only and, subject to Clause 11). All new dates, subject to availability, and such monetary refunds would be subject to Clauses 10, 11, 13 and 15.
14) Any Overpayment / Credit Balance, resulting from a Guest Booking alteration, can only be posted to the Guest's Room / Suite Account (to be used in-house in any way deemed appropriate by the said Guest(s)). Any residue balance would be subject to availability / dates, Clause 13 and at the sole discretion of The Hotel Management.
15) No Advertised Service, offered or implied may be deemed to contravene Thai Law in any way whatsoever or to promote prostitution and / or any illegal activity. Prostitution in Thailand is illegal, no text should be construed as being an invitation to sexual activities paid or otherwise.
16) Please see "Room / Suite Occupancy" under "Freelancers / Joiners", for accommodation policy. Rooms / Suites are non-transferable to another party unless previously agreed in writing.
17) Individual Rooms / Suites may vary in specification within any Room / Suite Category and such category should be viewed for guidance, only, within its entirety. Whereas we will always endeavour to secure particular Room Number / Room Type, we reserve the right to amend as the availability dictates.
18) Any Special Offers / Promotions may not be extended or carried forward towards a new booking without the written consent of The Hotel Management.
19) Terms & Conditions are at the sole discretion of The Hotel Management and will be viewed on an individual basis, allowing for exceptional circumstances, - we will endeavour to cater individual needs and changed circumstances / reservations. No Refund.
      I hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined above and confirm that I am of legal status.